Heal & Empower Yourself

Identify, Release, Move on
Mark your calendar and sign up!

April 20th 7-9pm
April 24th 10am-4pm
April 25th 12-4pm
April 30th 7-9pm
May 6thth 7-9pm

Attending this class could help you:
To understand how our energy system works
To release trapped emotions
To understand how you could heal yourself and your loved ones
To walk your soul’s path
Live a healthier life

Plenty of Practice Time
There will be several breaks between lectures. You will have the chance to practice what you’re learning. 

16 Hours of Instruction/practicing
Benefits of Energy Therapy
Preparation of Practitioner/ Facilitator 
Schmico Method  
Reflection of Schmico Method 
Intention for Healing Work 
Connect with Spirit by conducting Spirit to Spirit
Healing Streams
Our Energy System
What are Meridians/ Energy channels?
What are Chakras/ Energy center?
What is an Aura/ Energy body?
What is a Hara Line?
What is a Core star?
What are Akashic records? 
Partner up and do healing work on each other. 
Practice group and chakra balancing and clearing. 
Practice group and auric clearing and mind refocusing

Introductory Price: $129 instead of $199 (only for a short time of period) 
contact Heal & Empower Yourself at Gabriele.Schlumpberger@gmail.com or send a text to 6785495724 to register and get more information. 
Only a small group max 8 people

Heal and Empower Yourself through loving and singing your Lifesong
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16h online workshop